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The quantity of sugar in your favourite recipes now can be reduced in 4 times!

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About the company

Zeleny list Ltd. Ekaterinburg, recognized in Russia.

Is the leader in the field of development and production of sugar substitutes of the trade marks Slast, Megaslast, Slamics, Dr. Bühler for the dietetic and diabetic feeding. It is a dynamic developing company which is trying to everything new and satisfying the requests of its clients.

Zelenyi list Ltd. has been working on the marcs of sweeteners and food additives since 1993 and is recognized as the leader in the field of the development and production of sugar substitutes as the certificate of the worlds novelty of the development of Zeleny list Ltd. And has the patent on invention 2185078 on the wide range of the compound of sweeteners for the food products.

Complex sweeteners under the trade marks Slast and Megaslast are known to the Russian customers. Near and far foreingn countries. The quality and taste characteristics for this class of sweeteners are considered to be the best even for the foreign analogues. Only in sweeteners which are offered to the consumer by Zelenyi list Ltd. Unlike the import analogues there is no stir effect, no metallic taste, the content of carbonate and wine is lowered, the stability in thermo processing and storing is achieved. The product has good dissolubility, its gustatory qualities are enlarged, its calory content is lowered.

Using complex sweeteners that are in great demand has several advantages. First the taste similar to the taste of sugar is achieved. Secondly developed sweeteners are claimed to the strictest requirements on thermo stability, steady to the alcohol, fermentation, dissolubility, lucky combination with the components of the products.

Working for 13 years, the company became very stable and helpful. We have the diploma of Russian and international Prodexpo exhibitions, World Food, the Urals Product table 2006 on these exhibitions, for the sweetener Sast-100, Yantarnaya Slast, Megaslast our company got the golden prize for sugar substitutes Slast on the whole-sale fair of food products in Voronez in 2003. Zelenyi list Ltd. is a dynamic developing company trying everything new and satisfying the customers requests.